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Hi everyone! My name is Hareem Shoaib and I’m a junior at JHS. I absolutely LOVE animals – I have saved four kittens and a bunny and have helped them find new homes! I am really excited to coordinate relations between our club and PetPals and SPCA.

For those who don’t know, PAL is the Pet Adoption League and SPCA is Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Every Saturday they show dogs at Petsmart at 71st and 169 (Mingo). We tend to volunteer in one of the two shifts available (or both if you’d like!): 10:30am – 1:00pm or 1:00pm – 4:00pm. During your time volunteering with Pet PALS, you’ll get the opportunity to play with dogs, walk them around, take them outside, and tell potential customers about the dogs! Sometimes you even get to hold and play with tiny lil PUPPIES!

On the other hand, SPCA has strict requirements for their volunteers. For example, if you’re younger than 16, you CANNOT volunteer. Even while volunteering, you only do the cleaning – meaning you clean the food dishes of the animals. (Most people tend to volunteer for PetPals because it is a more hands-on activity with animals.)

PALS usually set up in the back right corner of the Petsmart store. When you are scheduled to volunteer, make sure you talk to one of the PALS employees and communicate that you’re there to help out.  If you’re helping PAL, grab a name tag and get to pettin’ some puppies!

You will submit your hours by YOURSELF. At the moment, the Key Club website is experiencing some minor glitches, so you will email your hours to me, but once the website is fixed, you will submit your own hours. (Please don’t turn in any fake hours because it will be obvious as I and the PetPals/SPCA organization will have documented your name for when you volunteered.)

If you have any questions regarding sign-up or the project itself, feel free to text Hareem Shoaib at 918-344-5001 or email:

Thanks for your interest in volunteering with PALS – hope to see you there! 🐾🐾🐾


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