Board Member: Emily Weins

Hello everybody!

My name is Thang Kim and the K2K West Board memberĀ of the 2018-2019 school year and I am so happy to work with you all. I will be sending you all about the volunteer opportunities. You will be working with the teachers and the kids at Jenks West Elementary school. The volunteer will be before school and after school. It will be twice a week and I will pair you with the teachers and you will have to contact them to schedule the volunteer service. If you know the teacher you want to work with please let me know and I will let you pair with them. This is a great opportunity to earn service hour for your Keyclub points. I am so glad to help you all to earn many service hour this year.

If you have any question, Please feel free to ask me. Sorry for the old reminder, I have changed my reminder code again now. Please join the reminder if you want to get more information about the volunteer opportunity. Thank You very much:)))


Enter: 81010

Text: @9hg2f3

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