Board Member: Rena Uddin

What is K2K High School?

K2K High School is a service project designed to help Jenks High School teachers & staff with regular tasks. Tasks may include:

  • Grading & Sorting Papers
  • Organizing Materials
  • Shelving Books
  • Cleaning Classrooms/Equipment
  • Arranging Desks & Chairs
  • Transporting Boxes/Supplies
  • And Much More!

This project is great for students in need of service hours, but can’t volunteer at other locations.

When & Where will they take place?

  • Luckily, teachers are often flexible with their schedule, so anyone can volunteer at a time when it’s most convenient.
  • All volunteer locations for K2K HS will take place around the Jenks High School Campus. This includes the Freshman Academy, Football Stadium/Sharp Center, Math & Science Center, Dining Hall, Building 5, Music Building, and Building 6.
  • You can always ask your teachers if they need help!

K2K High School COUNTS as a “School-Associated Project” for Distinguished Service Graduate. Don’t forget to have your teacher/supervisor sign your form!

Project Announcements