Board Member: Hailey Bolte

Hello everyone, my name is Thang Kim. I am presenting the K2K West project 2018-2019 school year. I am so happy to work with you all. The K2K West is before school and after school. You will be helping the teachers and working with the kids. It will be once a week or twice a week. We do not have the weekend volunteer on this project. If you are looking for a long-term project for the weekday, this is great because this is a regular volunteer service and you can spend your time weekly at Jenks West Elementary School. Also, you can get to know with the kids and the teachers at West Elementary school. This is a great volunteer you can just go after school or before school the time you are available. If you sign up for K2K West, you will get email notification regularly. Please always the website and check your email regularly. If you have any questions or teacher request you can email me anytime. I will be so happy to answer your questions. Thank You!!


Contact Information:
Name: Thang Kim
Type: 81010
Text: @tjdnrijskr

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