Board Member: Emily Turner

Hello fellow Key Clubbers!

My name is Janet Hong and I’m excited to have your interest in my project. I have been volunteering at Grace Living Center (located behind the track fields) for most of my high school years. The kids there (Kindergarten and Pre K) are the cutest little people and the elders and employees at Grace are the sweetest. I have included some general information about Grace Living Center. Happy volunteering! [:

When can I volunteer?
Any time!  You guys can volunteer at Grace’s Garden (the school) from 2:30- 3:45! Once you walk into the room there is a binder with hearts on it… please sign in! That way I can get your hours counted.

Where is Grace Living Center?
Behind the Jenks Track field and the Freshman Academy!

How can I contact you?
You can stop me anytime you see me in the hallway or find me on facebook! You can also email me anytime at

If you are interested, please let me know the first time you volunteer! That way I can meet you there and show you the basics before you start because there are a couple rules and regulations I need to let you know!

 Thanks (: See you there!

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