Board Member: Maya Vance

Hi Key Clubbers!

My name is Maya Vance and I am the 2018-19 Grace Living Center board member. I am very excited about all the volunteer opportunities we have for you this year. I have included some general information about Grace Living Center. Happy volunteering! (:

What is Grace Living Center?

Grace Living Center is a super unique assisted living facility because it also contains a daycare for young children. Their mission is to serve people with compassion and dignity.

How can I volunteer?

Right now the main way you can volunteer is by singing, playing an instrument, or just spending time with the residents for an hour during dinner time. Throughout the year, we will have various opportunities for you to make and hand out cards for the residents for different holidays. There will also be opportunities for you to work with the little kids in the daycare area.

Where is Grace Living Center?

Behind the Jenks Track field and the Freshman Academy! Address: 711 N 5th St, Jenks, OK 74037

How can I contact you?

You can also email me anytime at

 Thanks (: See you there!

Project Announcements

There are no announcements for at this time. Contact the board member listed above for more information about this project.