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Key Club Hours

Hi, Key Clubbers!!

Some members are having trouble submitting their hours while others are navigating hour submissions for the first time. As a result of that, I came here to tell you all that you can contact me at if you have any questions or problems with your hours.

Thanks, Everyone!!

Bags of Hope

Hey Key Clubbers!! This year’s Governor’s Project is “Bags of Hope” where care packages made up of hygiene products, books, and personalized cards will be sent to children in the Foster Care system. If you are looking for some fun and easy service points that can be done remotely, then please consider participating in this opportunity!

Bring any donations to McCown’s room on the second floor of building 5 (5-222).

We need you all to write a fun and personalized card addressed to a child in the Foster Care System that will be receiving a Bag of Hope. This can be short and sweet, long and encouraging, or maybe not even just a card. We encourage you all to get creative! Maybe draw a picture with a sweet message or incorporate a coloring page aspect into your letter, this is all up to your creativity! At the moment, we only need 6 cards, but if you would like to donate other materials that can be used to make more care packages, that would be very appreciated!

Here are some options for how you can participate!
1) Write a personalized and fun card dedicated to a child in the Foster Care system! This can be a letter of encouragement, a drawing, or maybe even a coloring page with a sweet message!
2) Make and donate a reusable mask! If you are the sewing type and would like to make some masks to donate to these sweet children, then by all means do so! Any other hygiene products are also welcome (ex: toothpaste, toothbrushes, hand sanitizer, etc)
3) Have any old kid’s books lying around in your house? Well, you can donate those for points too!

Volunteer at Flycatcher Trail!

Help make improvements to the garden and clean out flower beds to help prepare for winter and keep the garden beautiful for students and the Jenks community to use! Friends and family are also welcome to come. Volunteers should bring water and a mask.

Time: Saturday, October 10th, 9:00 am-noon, students may come and go as needed.

Location: Flycatcher Trail,  located on the Northeast corner of the Jenks High School campus, near the back oval of the Freshman Academy.

Sign up here!

How to register for Key Club through PowerSchool

Club Sign Up

Aquarium Reopening and New Guidelines

Hello, Key Clubbers!

I know that volunteering for Key Club this year is no longer a requirement to remain in good standing, but I’d still like to update you all on the Oklahoma Aquarium reopening and allowing volunteers. First off, wearing a mask or some sort of face covering is now required to volunteer there. Secondly, their hours have changed from 10am-6pm to 9am-9pm, meaning there are now 3 shifts in a day (9am-1pm, 1pm-5pm, and 5pm-9pm). Third, there are a few new stations at the front, the Shark & Ray touch is now open during the entire day, and there will not be any feed shows (this also means turtle and stingray feed stands are closed). Finally, the _guests_ now must follow a set path to go through the Aquarium which is laid out in red tape and are also required to follow social distancing guidelines. If you have not yet volunteered at the Oklahoma Aquarium and would like to in the future, go to this link, read the page, and fill out the volunteer application. Good luck and stay safe all!

Key Club Scholarship App

Link to scholarship app:

email with any questions

Senior Cords

Congratulations to everyone who achieved good standing through turning in all your hours due by March 31! Great job showing your heart for service. 133 members!

This is the list of seniors who achieved the minimum of 36 hours this year and will receive a Key Club cord for graduation which may occur sometime this summer. Pickup date of the cords TBA.

Please email with any questions or concerns.

Food Drive and Materials Drive

Hay! Key clubbers We are doing Food Drive for Retirement Home and Also if you could sew reusable face masks that will be awesome! Because face mask is becoming a nationwide shortage. you can also drop of encouragement notes.

drop of information :

11420 South Granite Place, Tulsa 74137

There will be a blue picnic table by the driveway

Food Drive :

they take any type of non-perishable and also toiletries. but they could use mac & cheese, wrapped dessert items, bags of potatoes and rice

Materials Drive :

100% cotton material for masks that needs to be washed in hot water and run through a hot dryer cycle. 

Encouragement note :

used this for the notes,%22action%22:%22open%22,%22userId%22:%22102746499028369116269%22%7D

Aquarium Volunteer Signup

Good afternoon, Key Clubbers!

This is the link to sign up for becoming an Oklahoma Aquarium volunteer;

You will need to fill out the “volunteer application” at the bottom. Good luck to you all!

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