Point System 

Every Key Club member is required to obtain 12 points each month to be in good standing.

Points will be awarded as follows:

  •  2 pts will be given for every hour of service worked.
  • 1 pt. will be given for attendance at a meeting.  (You must be at the entire meeting.)
  • 1 pt. will also be given for each donation made to the club.  (Donations vary, but we are nearly always collecting something for a service project.)

With this new system, we will be tracking your points in the three separate categories of service, meetings, and donations. ONLY SERVICE HOURS WILL COUNT FOR DISTINGUISHED SERVICE GRADUATE (Key Club and DSG are not affiliated in any way).

Club Hours

We tally our club’s service monthly and send that report into our District Key Club board.  In order for your hours to be counted, they must be turned in by the last day of EACH MONTH.  We are unable to include late hours in our reports, so we will not add late hours into your club totals.  If you are signing a project sheet at your place of service, those hours have been documented.  If not, please submit your hours to http://jenkskeyclub.org/hours

What does NOT count as a service hour?

It is NOT Key Club service if…

  • you are receiving pay or class credit for your time
  • you are raising money for a club you belong to for that club’s own use

If you are unsure as to whether or not your volunteer hours will count for Key Club, please contact Mrs. Langley at rachel.langley@jenksps.org