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Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner for the Homeless

Hi everyone!

I have an amazing volunteering opportunity for you. As we all know, Thanksgiving is coming up. We are so excited for turkey, mashed potatoes and home cooked food. Well, not everyone gets a chance to experience that. Especially those who are homeless. In order to help people who normally wouldn’t be able to celebrate this holiday, we are going to bring it to them.

The Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless is a wonderful organization that lets groups come in and serve food to about 150 homeless people in Tulsa. We have set up a date to do this. Wednesday November 23rd, 2016.  This is during our break, so some of you will be out of town. For those of you who will be in town, I urge you to sign up for this! It is a fantastic opportunity to not only do service, but help someone have a good holiday.

More information can be found in the google doc link below. Please take a moment to look over that and hopefully sign up! If you have any questions, please email me.

Help the Homeless!

Students who have signed up for the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless/Help the Homeless project should have received an email from me in the last couple of days with information regarding this project. Please check your email as soon as possible, and sign up on the remind. Thank you!