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Big Event Faculty Help

If you haven’t been able to sign up for the Big Event yet or want something else to help out with,  up to ten volunteers are needed to help move tables and chairs in the dining hall after enrollment conferences at 11:45 AM. Additionally, Mrs. Howald in Room 6173 of Building 6 would like some help with cleaning glassware anytime between 9:30 and 11:45 AM.

If you would like to help out, please email and show up at the Big Event on Friday!

Volunteers Needed to Help Tutor English Learning Students!

Volunteers are needed Tuesdays and Thursdays from about 7:45-8:45 AM to assist teachers tutoring English-learning students in Science, Social Studies, Math, and English. If interested, please email with your preferred subject and you will be given a teacher and room assignment to help out!

Needed: Tutor in Biology and Algebra 2

If you are interested in tutoring an 8th grader in Biology and Algebra 2, please email for more information. Thanks and have a great December!

Hometown Huddle volunteers

Hometown Huddle needs volunteers on September 22nd. There are two shift options, 4:30-6 or 6-7:45. Students must have on a Jenks shirt to volunteer and will check in and out with Mrs. Newman.

Please email if you would like to sign up!

Help Teachers Moving Rooms May 26th

Mr. Kern and Ms. Hughes on 2nd floor JMASC need help switching rooms on Friday at 8:30 AM. They need 3-4 student helpers, so if you’re interested please email to volunteer.

Locker clean-out help May 26th

Volunteers are needed May 26th (the day after school gets out) from 9-11 AM to help make sure all lockers are empty. Check in with Mrs. Smart in the Building 5 office or Mrs. Carpenter in Building 6 when you arrive to get started.

Please email to sign up!

Freshman Academy Advisory Volunteers Needed Soon

Mrs. Estep at the Freshman Academy is looking for about 12 volunteers during Advisory on October 12th and 13th to collect items from the clothing drive. She will also need about 12 volunteers after school on both days for about an hour to sort the clothing donations. Interested? E-mail her at or

K2K Teacher Assignment

Students who have expressed interest in volunteering for K2K High School should have received an email or text from me last night with your assigned teacher. If you have not received this email, or you want to register to be part of K2K High School, please email me at There are still a few teachers that want help, so please sign up for this project if you can commit to help them out.

Students who received an email or text from me last night, I will get you room numbers and times that teachers prefer students to volunteer soon. Please make an effort to start volunteering by the end of next week. Remember that you must submit your hours individually on the website under the K2K High School Project.

K2K High School

Students who have signed up for the K2K High School project should have received an email from me last night. Please check your email and reply back as soon as possible.

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