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Flycatcher Trail Fall Clean Up

Volunteers are needed for the Flycatcher Trail Fall Garden Clean-Up and Planting day on Sunday November 20th from 12:30-4:30 pm. This would be 4 of your 5 hours for November earned in just 1 day! Have questions? Or want to sign-up? Contact Mr. Humphrey at!

Global Gardens

Global Gardens is an organization that maintains 4 different community gardens throughout Tulsa. The second Saturday in every month we will be volunteering at one their locations by weeding, planting, and landscaping.

For October, the project will take place on October 10th from 9-11am at Westside Harvest Market. Address: 2232 S Nogales Ave. Tulsa, OK. Email with any questions.


To sign up click HERE

December UWT Date

Hope your December is going great! Here’s some dates to look forward to:
December 20 @12:00 we’ll be meeting up with Up With Trees at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum (3624 N 74th E Ave, Tulsa OK) to help plant trees! Be sure to dress warm and they should provide all the tools! Please let me know if you plan on attending!!
More updates to come! Again, please RSVP with me to attend the planting with UWT.
Thanks, Kaitlyn Faust

Schedule Change

Due to the rain, the chalking will be moved to Monday afterschool! See ya then!

Kaitlyn Faust

Opportunity to Serve

Hi everyone!! Sorry for the late notice but I wanted to announce a park pick up!! This sunday (the 19th) I’ll be at Hunter Park and we’re gonna pick up trash! Yeah!! I know it may not sound like the ideal way to spend the day but it’ll be fun! And I bet you need easy hours!! I’ll be there at 2 and will probably be there for an hour or so (unless there is a plethora of trash)! 

Or you can stay after school next Thursday (the 16th) and chalk the school! I’ll bring some chalk but I don’t have a whole lot so if you want to bring some that would be great!! We’ll meet outside the math and science a little afterschool and work as long as you like!! (Well not past 4…)
Hope to see everyone there!!

Jenks Green Update!

1) I just sent out an email to everyone who put their name down at my project! So if you didn’t get it, let me know!

2) Up With Trees is sending a representative to Jenks on Monday, Sept. 15th to give a presentation about who they are and what they do! It’ll be in Ms. Langley’s room right after school and you’ll get two Key Club points for a meeting that’ll be about 30 min! So why would you not come??

Weekend Project & Upcoming Meeting!

Ornithology is building a wildlife habitat on campus.  They’re meeting this Saturday at 9 near the Freshman Academy. I doubt it’ll be easy to miss considering they’re having 6 trucks of mulch brought to them. Which means they need lots of help! They’ve asked that if you have any shovels, please bring them, and they also need newspaper and brown cardboard. They really need the mulch in fast to protect the plants they’ve planted from the cold weather.. So please help!! I think they’re also meeting next Saturday. Please try to make it. And if you do go, send me your hours at because I doubt there will be a project sheet. This powerpoint gives more info on the project:

ALSO, there will be an afterschool meeting next Tuesday, November 19th. Meet in Langley’s room after school.
Hope to see you guys there 🙂

Meeting Tomorrow!

Jenks Green is meeting tomorrow (10/22/2013) in Mrs. Langley’s room directly after school. We will be decorating pumpkins so I hope everyone can make it!

Next Meeting

Jenks Green will NOT be meeting tomorrow (Tuesday, 9-24-13) because we met twice in one week 2 weeks ago. Because I can only do Jenks Green meetings twice a month, the meeting schedule is going to be changed to the first Tuesday of every month and then the Tuesday 2 weeks after that. Everything else is all the same. SO, the next meeting will be TUESDAY OCTOBER 1ST. Save the date! At this meeting, we will be going outside to place the birdhouses we made at the last meeting (if you weren’t at the last meeting, YOU MISSED OUT, but you’re still more than welcome to come to this one!!) and we will also be having a bit of a contest. Every person (or team if that’s how you roll) will get a trashbag and whoever collects the most trash on campus will win a super spectacular prize. Yeah I’m pretty sure I stole this idea from elementary school teachers BUT you didn’t get volunteer hours then! And this prize will rock your socks so definitely come on by to get your first volunteer hour of October! Expect food, as always! But more importantly.. EXPECT FUN!
Have a fabulous school week everyone!

Jenks Green

Key Club is getting pumped for the Jenks/Union game! We will be chalking the school tomorrow after school with a Beat Union theme. I’ll be outside the JMASC near the bus oval with chalk from right after school until around 3. If you can come by at any point, that’d be awesome and it’s a potential 1/2 hour to 1 hour of service!

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