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Signup Link HallowMarine

The sign-up webpage for the upcoming HallowMarine is now live, and you can sign up to volunteer for any of the five nights of festivities!  I have the link listed below.  HallowMarine starts on October 27th and ends on October 31st.  This is a great opportunity to have fun while volunteering.  They will need a lot of help manning candy, game, and activity stations.

Happy Volunteering!!

HallowMarine 2018

Mark your calendars for October 27-October 31, 2018 for the Oklahoma Aquarium’s annual HallowMarine event.

HallowMarine offers five nights of trick-or-treating in the Aquarium after hours, and we will need a lot of help manning candy, game, and activity stations.  There will be a link to sign up and I will post that once it goes live in early October.  I hope you are all able to be there.

In addition to this event, the Aquarium has regular long-term volunteer opportunities.

Long-term volunteers come in for 4 hour shifts twice a month, and work with the guests in the Aquarium to help educate and facilitate a great guest experience. These volunteers go through training and orientation, and clock in at the volunteer computer.

Long term volunteers need to fill out a volunteer application on the Aquarium website and attend an upcoming orientation.

There will be more events so check back to find out what’s happening.

Spread some cheer and VOLUNTEER!