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Annual India Fest

This  is our time

Annual India Fest

Hay KEYCLUBERS Annual India Fest need YOUR help this Friday and Saturday!

Location: River Spirit Expo Square

4145 E 21st St, Tulsa

Sign up NOW

NEED Volunteer at PTA Meet the Teacher Event at Jenks Southeast Elementary


We need your help at the PTA Meet the Teacher Event at Jenks Southeast Elementary. Need you guys to be runners at their checkout station for school supplies.

  • Meet the Teacher event is on Thursday, August 15.
  • You can sign up for 10:00 AM -1:00 PM or 3:00 PM -6:00 PM.
  • Located at Jenks Southeast Elementary 

Click the link below to sign up



Hey everyone, the year has just started and that means it’s time to get back and start volunteering.  IndiaFest is a fun, easy way to help out the community and to learn about a new culture.  This year IndiaFest will take place on August 27th at the River Spirit Expo Center (4145 E. 21st St., Tulsa).  This event has various jobs but some include greeting people, monitoring kid’s stations, and also just doing miscellaneous chores that are needed throughout the day.  They will need help Friday August 26th after school as well to help set up the event and help Saturday evening to tear down.  If you are interested in helping out or have any questions please contact

World in a Box Day

There’s a great opportunity at the Hardesty Library on August 6th from 11AM to 3PM to get some volunteering in before the school year starts.  Participating in World in a Box Day is a great way to help out in spreading the knowledge of various cultures right here in our own community.  There will be small booths set up for various countries along with representatives to speak about them.  Volunteers will have various jobs such as storytelling or checking people in.  Additionally, volunteers will be needed for set up and teardown as well.  If you are interested in helping out at this event please contact for further information.

Scholarship and cowl info for seniors!

This year, we are happy to announce that we have 3 scholarships available to seniors who are in good standing (you do not have to be an officer or board member to apply). We have 1 $1000 and 2 $500 scholarships available. Applications are in Mrs. Langley’s room and are due on May 6th by 3pm-no exceptions.

Seniors in good standing are also encouraged to visit Mrs. Langely and get their graduation cowls. Cowls are loaned out, but may be purchased for $15. If you are unsure about whether or not you’re in good standing, please visit Mrs. Langley as she has the current senior roster posted. If there are any problems, please email me ( or talk with Mrs. Langley ASAP so we can fix it.


Finally, a big shout out to the Jenks Kiwanis for helping fund some of our scholarships. If you would like to come support our Kiwanians and new officers, be sure to swing by the Jenks Methodist Church from 7:30-10 am in your Key Club shirt for a pancake breakfast ($5 donation recommended). If you need more points for April, you can still help out at the Plant and Herb Festival this week from 8-4, or the  Ford Test Drive at the HS parking lot. Our new Lt. Governor, Brandon Burnett, is also hosting his first Presidential Council Meeting (PCM) at Meritt’s Bakery from 4-5. Attendance is not mandatory, but if you’re interested in learning more about what goes on in the Texas-Oklahoma (TO) district and Key Club International, feel free to drop by.

2013-14 Board Members

Congratulations to 2013-2014 Board Members!

Sports Activities – Abdul Hassan
Pet Adoption League – Jenna Spero
K2K West – Bryan Ki
K2K East – Yasmine Rahmat
K2K Southeast – Emily Stephens
K2K FA – Alice Pinney
Library – Kanjan Manohar
Print Shop- Eric Ko
Faith Based – Amarani Perez
Hospital – Emily Day
Grace Living Center – Vivian Kwok
Kiwanis Representative – Samantha Langley
Publicity – Michelle Yang, Angela Xing, and Amandeep Kaur
Special Projects – Allison Vincent
HS Tutoring – Karan Manohar
Club Socials – Juliet May
Jenks Beautification – Kelsie Stewart
Jenks Aquarium – Rachel Lindsey
Jenks Food Bank – Meredith Magee

March Roster and Info for Seniors!

Hey everyone, the roster has been updated-sorry for the delay!



Anyways, for seniors, if you want a Key Club cowl at graduation, make sure you have the required number of points! Counting April hours (which will be added sometime early May), you’ll need to have 96 points to be in good standing. If you need more points, we have plenty of opportunities for you to get hours this weekend.


The Jenks Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast will be held at the Jenks Methodist Church, 8-10 am. Wear your T-shirt (1 point) and eat pancakes (please bring a donation, 2 points) to support our officers and K-family!
Jenks Herb and Plant Festival is 8-4, and we need people to man the “shop and drop” table. The Jenks Foundation will also be hosting test drives at the middle school and they need a few people to help with paper work. For every test drive, our school gets $20, so that’s another way you can help build our school.

Kudos to those that got the above reference (:

Anyways, for more information, or to sign up, please email Carolyn at


I’ll post more information about scholarships once Mrs. Langley has scholarship applications available. Also, don’t forget to go to your board member interview this week if you have one!

Last, but not least, don’t miss our last general meeting on May 9th! JMASC-7:15-2:45 like usual.


February Hours

Hello everyone, I hope you’ve enjoyed Spring Break (and the winter temperatures). Here is the new Monthly Roster
with the updated hours. However, we have run into a little snag for February hours.

Every month, when the monthly report is compiled by the secretaries, we need to provide proof-sign in sheets-for projects with over 100 hours. These sign in sheets are sent to the district secretary along with our report. Unfortunately, for the month of February, the sign in sheets for the K2K and Faith Based projects were sent in before copies could be made, which means that I cannot credit hours for people who volunteered at those projects in the month of February.

If you did volunteer at any K2K project, or did any Faith Based hours during the month of February, please email me with the dates and number of hours you volunteered there. If you have any previous email correspondence (for example, if you emailed the Abbey Dyke your Faith Based hours), please forward those emails as well. My email address is

I apologize for any inconvenience this causes, but also thank everyone for their understanding.

Officer Elections Tomorrow

Key Club officer elections are tomorrow!

Come by the third floor of the JMASC at 7:15 or 2:45 to hear our candidates and vote for next years officers.


If any candidates have any questions, please email me or Ashley at or respectively.

January Roster

I have finished updating the roster with January’s hours, so please remember to check if you’re in good standing. Also, please make sure that your handwriting is legible and you are signing your first and last name on the sign in sheets.

Monthly Roster

Now for a few announcements:

We will have a general meeting this Thursday, Feb. 14th on the third floor of the JMASC, before/after school at 7:15 and 2:45.

Only members in good standing may run for officer and board positions, so if you believe that there is a mistake, please contact me at If you are planning to run for an officer position, remember that the deadline to sign up for officer elections is Friday, Feb. 15th. You can turn in applications or sign up in Mrs. Langley’s room, 2-116.

The March Against Hunger Early Bird deadline is this Friday as well, sign up packets are in Mrs. Langley’s room. The regular deadline is March 7th.

Finally, come support our Lt. Governor candidate, Brandon Burnett, this Saturday. There will be a Regional meeting in the JMASC at 10 am, and Brandon will be running for Lt. Governor of our division (25W). There will also be a few more Lt. Governors from different divisions, as well as the Regional Advisor, so this will be a great opportunity to meet students from other school districts and divisions.

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