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Author: Karley Keeton

Service Hours–Polar Plunge

Reminder: Jenks Project Unify and Jenks Special Olympics are awarding one service hour for every $10 donated at

Your name MUST accompany your donation, and you must log your donation under “Special Projects” to receive hours.

Thank you guys so much!

Tulsa Polar Plunge

What is it? The Tulsa Polar Plunge is an event for which Special Olympics Oklahoma raises money for its competitions. This is a great way to support our athletes and make sure they have a safe, fun time when they compete.

What can I do? In terms of service hours, you have two options: become a Plunger for 1 service hour OR service hours will be given for each increment of $10 you donate (1 for $10, 2 for $20, etc.)

To donate:

To become a Plunger: you will need to go to and register for the Polar Plunge. When you do, be sure to join our team (Jenks Project Unify), or it doesn’t count. The minimum cost to participate is $75, virtual or physical. You can pay that money directly or raise donations from your peers. At the Polar Plunge on February 27, 2021, come between 10am and 10:45am to get signed in. It starts at 11am, at which point each team will take turns jumping into cold water to show our support. If you do decide to come, please jump with us! Only Plungers will be allowed near the pool.

Special Olympics

Hi, Key Clubbers! My name is Karley Keeton and I’m your Special Olympics Board Member for the 2020-2021 school year. I’m writing this because I want you to know about the super fun things we do AND because there’s a few things to note.

What is Special Olympics? Special Olympics is a non-profit organization that gives athletic opportunities to people with intellectual disabilities.

How can I volunteer for Special Olympics? You can sign up for Jenks Project Unify’s Remind @jpu2021 to know when all of our events are, and you can follow us on Instagram @JenksProjectUnify and on Twitter and Facebook @JenksUnify.

What is Jenks Project Unify? Jenks Project Unify is a club at the high school that unifies people with and without special needs. Our members volunteer as peer volunteers for Special Olympics and even help in the Education of the Exceptional Child class as peer tutors. To find out more about Jenks Project Unify, email or sign up for our Remind, @jpu2021.

Should I join Jenks Project Unify? Yes! We are a club for people with and without disabilities, and we would LOVE to expand. We do fun club activities and fundraisers for Special Olympics with which we need your help! Our officers are:

President: Karley Keeton (

Vice President: Ian McMahan

Secretary: Jax Miller

Treasurer: Korben Hager

Senior Representative: Kelsey DeNeen

Junior Representative: Alden Garriot

Important Information: to volunteer for Special Olympics, peer volunteers MUST have both the Unified Partner Registration form AND the COVID Code of Conduct form filled out. This is not optional.

Unified Partner Registration:

COVID Code of Conduct: