Jenks Key Club-Division 25 West

Caring - Our Way of Life

Author: Lily Jiang

Flycatcher Trail (Dec 5)

There will be a Flycatcher Trail workday on Saturday, December 5th from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Feel free to come and go as needed throughout this time. Gloves and gardening supplies will be provided, but you will need to bring a mask. It is also recommended that you bring a water bottle.

Flycatcher Trail is located on the northeast corner of the High School campus, behind the Freshman Academy.

Questions? Contact Ms. Wright at

Flycatcher Trail (November)

Hey everyone!

Help is wanted at Flycatcher Trail this Saturday (11/7) from 1-4 pm. Sign up with the link below, and be sure to bring a mask and a water bottle!

Questions? Email

Bags of Hope

Hey Key Clubbers!! This year’s Governor’s Project is “Bags of Hope” where care packages made up of hygiene products, books, and personalized cards will be sent to children in the Foster Care system. If you are looking for some fun and easy service points that can be done remotely, then please consider participating in this opportunity!

Bring any donations to McCown’s room on the second floor of building 5 (5-222).

We need you all to write a fun and personalized card addressed to a child in the Foster Care System that will be receiving a Bag of Hope. This can be short and sweet, long and encouraging, or maybe not even just a card. We encourage you all to get creative! Maybe draw a picture with a sweet message or incorporate a coloring page aspect into your letter, this is all up to your creativity! At the moment, we only need 6 cards, but if you would like to donate other materials that can be used to make more care packages, that would be very appreciated!

Here are some options for how you can participate!
1) Write a personalized and fun card dedicated to a child in the Foster Care system! This can be a letter of encouragement, a drawing, or maybe even a coloring page with a sweet message!
2) Make and donate a reusable mask! If you are the sewing type and would like to make some masks to donate to these sweet children, then by all means do so! Any other hygiene products are also welcome (ex: toothpaste, toothbrushes, hand sanitizer, etc)
3) Have any old kid’s books lying around in your house? Well, you can donate those for points too!