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Author: Evonn Annor

Update for Animal Allies

Hi Everyone, This is Evonn Annor and I just wanted to tell you guys that I updated the signup genius for Animal Allies. This was because the previous format was not working too well. As such, I will update the form every week or month for volunteering at PALS. Have a great weekend and here is the link once more


Hi Everyone,

This is Evonn and I wanted to inform you of another volunteer opportunity this Sunday known as the Adopt-A-Thon where you get to help at a  huge adoption event held by the Pet Adoption League. It is a lot of fun and is genuinely amazing. I hope to see you there.

Pet Adoption Volunteers needed

Hi everyone,

Evonn here! I wanted to inform you guys of an upcoming volunteer opportunity. You can volunteer this Saturday at the Pet Adoption League at either shift or both shifts. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at . Hope to see you there!