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Aquarium Reopening and New Guidelines

Hello, Key Clubbers!

I know that volunteering for Key Club this year is no longer a requirement to remain in good standing, but I’d still like to update you all on the Oklahoma Aquarium reopening and allowing volunteers. First off, wearing a mask or some sort of face covering is now required to volunteer there. Secondly, their hours have changed from 10am-6pm to 9am-9pm, meaning there are now 3 shifts in a day (9am-1pm, 1pm-5pm, and 5pm-9pm). Third, there are a few new stations at the front, the Shark & Ray touch is now open during the entire day, and there will not be any feed shows (this also means turtle and stingray feed stands are closed). Finally, the _guests_ now must follow a set path to go through the Aquarium which is laid out in red tape and are also required to follow social distancing guidelines. If you have not yet volunteered at the Oklahoma Aquarium and would like to in the future, go to this link, read the page, and fill out the volunteer application. Good luck and stay safe all!

Aquarium Volunteer Signup

Good afternoon, Key Clubbers!

This is the link to sign up for becoming an Oklahoma Aquarium volunteer;

You will need to fill out the “volunteer application” at the bottom. Good luck to you all!

Message from Jamie Gaylor

Good afternoon Volunteers!

I wanted to share some personal news this afternoon, and an update for the Volunteer Department.

After much consideration, I’ve accepted a new job outside the aquarium and will be starting Monday March 16th. My last day on staff at the aquarium will be Thursday March 12th.

Although I’m moving on from a staff position, I will definitely still be volunteering. I absolutely love the Oklahoma Aquarium and the people here, and I’m thrilled I can still be a part of the mission “to educate and inspire conservation of our aquatic world through interactive discovery.”

I leave the volunteer team in very good hands. Most of you know Chris Ray, who is currently one of our Guest Services Supervisors. I’ll let Chris tell you all about himself, but I will tell you that he is kind, professional, patient, smart, and very excited to move into this new role.

You can reach Chris via email at His phone number will be the same as mine currently, 918-528-1533.

I have been honored to lead the amazing Oklahoma Aquarium volunteer team. Thank you for your service!

Zzzs in the Seas December 13th

Hello Key Clubbers! For those of you who already underwent volunteer orientation at the Oklahoma Aquarium, the Zzzs in the Seas events are for you! On December 13th this year, there will be a group of ~300 girl scouts coming to the Aquarium for a sleepover and you can volunteer! You can only volunteer at a Zzzs in the Seas if you are a regular volunteer to the Aquarium (have your volunteer t-shirt and ID). There will be dinner provided as well as snacks and breakfast (should you choose to stay overnight as well)

If you have questions about volunteer orientation, or of volunteering at the Oklahoma Aquarium in general, contact me or Jamie Gaylor through the contacts given on the Aquarium Projects page on the website

Happy Volunteering!


Hello fellow Key Clubbers! Just a reminder that ANYONE can volunteer during any of the Hallowmarine nights! Just follow the instructions given on and sign up! You are required to show up between 5:30-5:45pm on the day you sign up for, enter through the volunteer entrance (right of the main entrance), sign in, and get a temporary volunteer badge. Shift goes from arrival to ~9:00pm (Jamie may release you as early as 8:30pm)

Volunteer Orientation at the Oklahoma Aquarium

If you’ve wanted to volunteer at the Oklahoma Aquarium, now’s your chance! The next Volunteer Orientation at the Oklahoma Aquarium will be on Saturday the 19th at 10am. Make sure to let Jamie Gaylor know you’re interested through her email; If you do not hear back from Jamie, the entrance you go to for the Orientation Session is the door into the main building closest to the copper humpback whale statue (left of main entrance). You can also drop by there at any time, as that is where the offices are, to ask questions. Happy volunteering!

Zzzs in the Seas October

Next month we’ll have a Zzzs in the Seas on the 4th and 5th for REGULAR VOLUNTEERS ONLY. Volunteer work during these long nights is very similar to normal shifts with a few things added, but really fun, as we get to socialize with each other most of the night. You can choose to stay overnight and sleep, don’t sleep, or leave after ‘lights out’ at around 11pm-midnight. Be sure to let Liz Medrano at know if you’re interested AND already a regular volunteer. Cheers and happy volunteering!


Hallowmarine 2019 by Jamie Gaylor

Good morning!

The sign up for this year’s HallowMarine is now live! You can pick your favorite spot and sign up here:…/20F0F45ADA729A4FF2-hallowmar…

This year we’re expanding the event to seven nights, from Friday 10/25 through Halloween night, Thursday 10/31.

Thanks as always for your hard work and service to the aquarium. Have a great week!

Jamie Gaylor
Volunteer and Guest Coordinator
Oklahoma Aquarium

Big Event Sunday – Help Needed by Jamie Gaylor

Good afternoon amazing volunteers!

Sunday, 9/8/19, the Oklahoma Aquarium is hosting a very large private event. From 3pm-7pm, we will be hosting approximately 5,500 guests come-and-go. We need many, many extra volunteers on this afternoon to help staff touch tanks, inflatables, biofact tables, and our big exhibits.

Please let me know ASAP if you would be free to come help out on the 8th, and thank you very much for your service to the aquarium!

Jamie Gaylor
Volunteer and Guest Coordinator
Oklahoma Aquarium

AquaTots (written by Jamie Gaylor)

Hi All,

You may be aware that the aquarium offers a monthly storytime to preschool aged children each month. We call this storytime “AquaTots” and it is included with admission for guests.

I wanted to let you know this is also open to volunteers, both to bring your kiddos to enjoy, and to volunteer if you like reading and interacting with little ones.

AquaTots is the first Tuesday of each month, with storytime starting at 10am. If you are interested in participating as a volunteer, you would need to arrive by 10am to get settled in before kids start to arrive. AquaTots will either be in Shark View or the 2nd level of Sea Turtle, depending on the month.

In addition to storytime readers, we would also love to have a mascot to be available for guest photos. We already have a willing soul to be Shipley for September’s storytime…is anyone interested in being a (dry-side!) mermaid for the October storytime?

Just let me know if you’d like to volunteer, and thank you so much!

Have a great week,
Jamie Gaylor
Volunteer and Guest Coordinator
Oklahoma Aquarium

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