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Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless Thanksgiving Dinner

The Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless is an amazing organization that works in helping the homeless of Tulsa. One service they provide is having groups come in to serve meals. We will be putting together a Thanksgiving meal for the people at this homeless shelter. If you are going to be in town for Thanksgiving, this is the perfect opportunity for you to help more people have a great holiday! We need to have enough food brought to serve roughly 150 people. Food must be prepared before arriving and has to be ready to be served when we arrive. Foods that need to be hot, should be hot upon arrival. You can sign up on the attached sheet for certain food items or other needed supplies. If you can bring more than one item, that would be fantastic since space for people in the serving area is limited. I have worked with this organization for many years through my church’s youth group and I can not wait for Key Club to participate in this again!

Treasurer Elections

Our Treasurer nominees are: Francine Chun, Lian Kiim, Katherine Au, and Amy Brooks. Elections will be held Friday,  April 28th.

Treasurer Position Available

Due to a miscommunication with Mrs. Langley, we are nullifying the election of the Treasurer position. We are holding reelection on April 28th. If you would like to run for the office and are in good standing prior to sign up, please sign up by April 14th in Mrs. Langley’s room, JMASC 216.

General Meeting 4/13

There will be a general meeting on Thursday, April 13th in the Building 6 Auditorium, in the morning and afternoon.

Food for Big Event

Hello! Tomorrow, March 3rd, is our Big Event! We like to have snacks available for volunteers throughout the day, so if anyone would like to donate snack foods (chips, cookies, donuts, plates, napkins, cutlery, etc) they can earn points! Just bring the food to Mrs. Langley’s room, JMASC 216  tomorrow and fill out the sheet on the back counter.

Can’t wait to see you all volunteering tomorrow!

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