Hey Key Clubbers,

I am excited to share with you this great information about an opportunity that may be once in a lifetime. We have been asked to help out at the 2022 PGA Championship event from May 16th-22nd. This event is taking place at the Southern Hills Country Club here in Tulsa. In order to help out at this event you must first go through some orientation to get prepared. Attached is a flyer regarding the information you need in order to help out at the event. Unfortunately, some of the orientation opportunities have passed but there is still a chance for you to do your orientation tomorrow (05/14) and you will even be paid for your time spent at this orientation. We hope you take advantage of this awesome opportunity. Happy Volunteering.

Link to the flyer: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CVGGTwxSZ3e12eh18YjmupeUHbNKEz4_rkj8Dto2fhc/edit?usp=sharing