Hi, Key Clubbers! If you are interested in getting service hours, here is one way! All you need is to make a list of recommandations consisting of at least 12 books. One list can get you one hour of volunteer hours, and you can do up to 10 lists a week!

Here is how you do it!

Step one: Make sure you have a library card and have an account set up on

Step Two: Follow the instructions below to create a reading guide in Bibliocommons.

Step Three:  Email Volunteers@tulsalibrary.org with a brief description of how many lists you made and of what type – you will receive one hour of volunteer work for a fully developed Guides and Recommendations or If You Liked lists with at least 12 thoughtful references. The Tulsa Library volunteer services will log your time after receiving and verifying your list. A limit of ten lists per week, please.

Here is how you can make a Bibliocommons List:

  1. Log into www.TulsaLibrary.org
  2. Click “My TCCL” in the upper left-hand corner
  3. Log in using your library card / password
  4. Click on My TCCL link and from the drop-down menu select Lists
  5. Click on the Create a New List link
  6. Choose list type – Guides and Recommendations or If You Liked
    If you select Guides and Recommendations as the list type, you may click on the down arrow in the List Type popup menu and select a more specific descriptor for your list
  7. Give your list a unique title
  8. Add a description of your list if you wish
  9. Click on Add to List to search for titles to add to the list
  10. If more than one item is located click the Add to List link to add the desired item – repeat step 9 until all titles have been added (100 max)

If you have any questions, you can always reach my through Remind. Send a text to 81010, and text this message: @jenksl

It would be deeply appreciated if you also send pictures of the recommended lists you’ve created. Thank you!