Jenks Key Club Big Event Projects 2020

When: this Friday, March 6th, 2020!

This is a fun day full of service when there is no school! Please come and bring your friends to volunteer. There will be food available in Mr. McCown’s room for you to eat when you’re volunteering on this day!

There are opportunities to donate cans and clothing if you are unable to come and volunteer. You will receive service hours for donating items.

If you put your name in one of these signups, it means you will be there to volunteer. If you do not show up, you will be required to send an apology for not showing up.

If you sign-up for anything, please sign-up for this Big Event Remind! 

Canned Food Drive

4 cans=1 hour of service (for up to 5 hours of service credit but more can be delivered)

Must be within 1 year of expiration (no earlier than March 2019 expiration)

Deliver cans to McCown 5222 by March 6th 3pm but can be delivered before then.

All cans will be donated to the Jenks Community Food Bank as more food is needed in springtime. 

Nurses Office Clothing Donations

The nurses have asked if Key Club would do a collection of the following items for a closet for emergency clothing needs (high school student sizes):

New underwear and socks (1 hour of service for every package up to 5 packages)

New or gently used: leggings, sweatpants, t-shirts, basketball shorts. (1 hour of service for every 2 items)

All items should be delivered to McCown’s room 5222 by March 6th 3pm.

Parent/Teacher Conferences Tear-down 11:15 am-12:15pm

After conferences are coming to a close, help is needed to tear down and bring back items to Building 6. They need 6-10 volunteers to arrive by 11:15 to start cleanup at the JHS Dining Hall.


Teacher Breakfast Food Donations: bring items to 5222 by March 5th 4pm

JHS Teachers will be having breakfast before conferences on Friday morning. Please bring a food item purchased at the store for breakfast. All items should be delivered to Mr. McCown’s classroom 5222 (2nd floor building 5) by Thursday, March 5th 4pm. You’ll receive 2 points for every food item. Can be delivered any time on Thursday.


Flycatcher Trail Volunteering 

Location: Flycatcher Trail, north of the Jenks FA

Supervisor: Alayne Eiland (she will provide the tools and equipment needed to work on the field, so volunteers will not need to bring anything)

What you’ll do: cut down vegetation, compost the cuttings, and remove any unwanted shrubs/tree seedlings


St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Volunteering

When: March 6th, 9am-2pm

Where: St. Andrew’s Church at 8501 S Delaware Ave, Tulsa, OK 74137

You will organize and sorts out things (such as books and more) so that the place looks neater.

Volunteers will be served pizza!


Grace Living Center Senior Prom

Location: Grace Living Center Jenks

This is a fun event at the senior home in Jenks to talk to the senior citizens, eat snacks, play music, and dance. The seniors always enjoy talking to the students and bring your friends and have fun! You can help with set up, corsage making, running the event itself, or cleanup.

If you are interested in playing your instrument (solo or with others), please contact Maya Vance through the signup genius below.

Care Point Sorting Clothing Donations

Location: Care Point (91st and Delaware)

When: 8am-12pm

Sorting clothes donations for the Jenks Clothing closet. Will have snacks and drinks and you can request snack choices.

Sign up here:

Please email with any questions.