*strict no-campaigning rule*

Election will be held at the March 12 meetings! Morning meeting begins at 8:30 to accommodate for speeches and afternoon meeting is at usual time.

Come to the meeting to vote! Each candidate will give a short speech (2 mins or less) and you can vote for whomever you think would be the best leader. Earn double points for attendance of this meeting (2 pts w/out shirt and 4 points earned if you wear your KC shirt to school!).


  • Salma Waheed, 11th (running unopposed)

VP of Special Projects:

  • Noah Pursell, 10th (running unopposed)

VP of Hours:

  • Evonn Annor, 11th
  • Ethan Chen, 11th
  • Vung Sang, 9th
  • Luz Arias, 10th


  • Cing San Kim, 11th (Hours) & Vung Aung, 10th (Minutes)
  • Julia Naifeh, 11th (Hours) & Lily Jiang, 11th (Minutes)


  • Maya Vance, 11th
  • Easton Deyoe, 10th


  • Allison Wong, 10th (running unopposed)