If you want an easy way to get some points this month, you can earn some for writing articles! You get points for however long it takes you to write (shouldn’t be longer than an hour) as well as more depending on the quality!

The Texas-Oklahoma District provides some prompts to inspire you, but you can also write about anything related to Key Club. The article must be at least 400 words, and you should submit it with a profile picture of you and a picture of you or someone else actively volunteering.

Here are the prompts for November:

  1. If you attended Fall Rally, describe your experience!
  2. Now that the theme is released, what are some ideas you have for portraying Hollywood at DCON?
  3. Are there any holiday-themed events/activities that your club is planning on participating in? Describe in detail.
  4. Does your club have any traditions? Describe in detail.
  5. Submit a Humans of Texas Oklahoma! How was your Key Club Experience and what is Key Club to you? Submit with a picture of you 

If you write an article, you can submit it to carrie.schupack66@jenksms.com