Hello everyone!  The Jenks Aquatic Center is in need of volunteers for their upcoming sectionals!  This is a fun volunteer opportunity!  Please see below for details.  If you have further questions, you can contact Lisa Ruffin, Director, Jenks Aquatics Center, 918-299-4415, Ext. 1020.  Sectionals are this week, July 17- 20!  Great opportunity for students needing community service hours, too!


Sectionals are July 17-20.

  • We are looking for volunteers for timing the races.
  • They would operate a stopwatch in one hand and an automatic timer with the other hand.
  • Then they record their stopwatch times on the forms provided.
  • The shifts are from 4pm-9pm approximately. Most days they should be done by 8pm but if we have a technical glitch the meet could run a little longer.
  • We provide snacks and drinks for the timers.
  • Please come to the Aquatic Center when you want to volunteer. No signup necessary!