Hi guys!! How have you all been so far since school start?  I’ve been quite busy. And I know you all have been busy too but if you could help me, we need some Zomi/Burmese translators for the elementary schools’ parents teacher conference.

If you could help, please sign up here >> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ge0ffJsC3T87gBDrG89rbvoSVvsNTAXmO79JWKsXJ6g/edit?usp=sharing <<

With your contact information, I will contact you the time you will need to be there.

After you sign up, whether it is with your phone or through the web at remind.com ,  text @81010 @ g94a7b

If you have any question, email me at ciin.shalom15@jenksms.com .

—Thank you!!—