Hi everyone!! How was your summer break?? Hope it’s going GrEaT or just fine. Mine was pretty boring.

ANYWAY…. There will be an Indian Festival on August 25th and WE need your help to set up the place on the 24th around 5 PM and on the 25th at 8 AM.  On the 25th it would be good if you can come at 8AM to help set up but if you can’t its fine to come later since it ends at 5:30PM.

The location will be at River Spirit Expo Center *4145 E 21st St., Tulsa* (Large building behind the Tulsa driller statue)

I guess..hope to see you there!! IF you have any questions, contact me at ciin.shalom15@jenksms.com or multicultural@jenkskeyclub.org  .

This is the sign-up sheet (if you can please write the time you can get there):  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AnEZats4AIE6110zY-wlW6VVFKsPrfNhUvjxEl6Drc4/edit?usp=sharing

^This^ is the poster for the fest. Hope you could come!! ~ Ciin <3 <3