Hi guys! Mrs.Alvarez, the school counselor, needs about 5 volunteers every Wednesday starting September 27 – December 13. The class she’s teaching about anxiety and stress starts at 3:30 and she says that it is fine to come in the middle of the class since she knows that we get out of school later. You’ll probably need to help out with cleaning and on some days, including September 27, you might get additional 1-2 hours helping her make yarn ball, glitter bottles, Orbeez, and etc. for her other class. If you are interested, please sign up on this website and sign up on any days that you are available. Each slot is open to 5 students. BTW, she will be in building E, room 427 at JENKS EAST ELEMENTARY. ¬†And also, turn in the hours you earn from this to me at : vung.lian37@jenksms.com or k2keast@jenkskeyclub.org

Here is the link to SIGNUPGENIUS: