Hey Guys, Faith Based Hours are due Wednesday, December 31st or ASAP!

Faith Based hours can include helping in religious events, missions trips, vacation bible school, helping out in the nursery, church camp counseling, and anything done to help in your religious community.

If you have service hours that apply to Faith Based please email them directly to me at faithbased@jenkskeyclub.org

When emailing your hours, please include the following:

  • name
  • grade
  • dates of service
  • start/end times
  • total hours completed
  • name of place hours were done at
  • brief description of the service done

Once I have received your hours, I will email you back for confirmation that they were indeed received.

If you were unable to sign up at the project fair for faith based, please email me your name, grade, and email to faithbased@jenkskeyclub.org!

Thank you for all your hard work!