Ornithology is building a wildlife habitat on campus.  They’re meeting this Saturday at 9 near the Freshman Academy. I doubt it’ll be easy to miss considering they’re having 6 trucks of mulch brought to them. Which means they need lots of help! They’ve asked that if you have any shovels, please bring them, and they also need newspaper and brown cardboard. They really need the mulch in fast to protect the plants they’ve planted from the cold weather.. So please help!! I think they’re also meeting next Saturday. Please try to make it. And if you do go, send me your hours at beautification@jenkskeyclub.org because I doubt there will be a project sheet. This powerpoint gives more info on the project:

ALSO, there will be an afterschool meeting next Tuesday, November 19th. Meet in Langley’s room after school.
Hope to see you guys there 🙂