Jenks Green will NOT be meeting tomorrow (Tuesday, 9-24-13) because we met twice in one week 2 weeks ago. Because I can only do Jenks Green meetings twice a month, the meeting schedule is going to be changed to the first Tuesday of every month and then the Tuesday 2 weeks after that. Everything else is all the same. SO, the next meeting will be TUESDAY OCTOBER 1ST. Save the date! At this meeting, we will be going outside to place the birdhouses we made at the last meeting (if you weren’t at the last meeting, YOU MISSED OUT, but you’re still more than welcome to come to this one!!) and we will also be having a bit of a contest. Every person (or team if that’s how you roll) will get a trashbag and whoever collects the most trash on campus will win a super spectacular prize. Yeah I’m pretty sure I stole this idea from elementary school teachers BUT you didn’t get volunteer hours then! And this prize will rock your socks so definitely come on by to get your first volunteer hour of October! Expect food, as always! But more importantly.. EXPECT FUN!
Have a fabulous school week everyone!