Thank you all for signing up to volunteer for the Jenks Public
Schools print shop! This project is one of the most convenient projects to get
your monthly service hours. 
The Print Shop is located at 2065 N. Elm St., Jenks, OK. 74037.
It is also known as the Jenks Warehouse or the Bus Barn.  Click here to see a
While you are there, they may have you mass copy papers, use
the mega shredder, cut pads of paper using a gigantic paper cutter, or shrink
wrap packages (which is my favorite!). The people who work there are very nice
and will show you exactly what to do and how to do it. It’s that
You can volunteer Monday-Thursday from after school from 3:30-4:30, but will make sure with the director on the schedule!
You MUST inform me in advance so that I can inform the director at the print
shop, in order for them to be better prepared for volunteers.  If you plan to
volunteer a specific day after school every week, just email me and I can get
you set up.  Sometimes the print shop needs volunteers for special projects, so
I will contact you in these cases.
When you volunteer, enter at the front entrance and tell the
secretary that you are here to volunteer with Key Club.  It would be best if you
wore your Key Club shirt, but it is not required.  Sign in on the sign in sheet,
and before you leave, MAKE SURE you sign out and total your hours to be sure
that they are recorded correctly.  If you record your hours on the sheet, they
will be recorded and you do not need to do anything else to make sure you get
your monthly points.
Thanks again for signing up to volunteer at the print shop.
You can contact me or Judy Givens if you have any questions!

-Eric Ko


-Dwight Watson

(918) 299-4415, x5726